In Seven Card Stud players use antes and an obligatory bring-in instead of blinds. If it is fixed limit structure the ante is usually the size of 1/10 of the small bet and the bring-in is usually half the size of the small bet.

Third Street

The hand starts with the players posting the antes. The dealer then gives each player two cards face down and one card face open. Cards are dealt one at a time in clockwise. The player with the lowest card posts the bring-in. That player can choose to complete the bring-in bet to a full small bet. Betting then continues in clockwise with each player doing the action possible. The first raise by a person counts as a completing bet to the bring-in. The players can raise, fold or call.

Fourth Street

When betting on Third Street is done the dealer gives remaining players a fourth card faced up. This is called Fourth Street. The second betting round begins and players make their moves. First out is the player with the highest hand and that rule is used during the remaining betting rounds of the hand. In fixed limit small bets are laid on Fourth Street unless a player has hit pair with the Third Street card. If a player has hit pair he or she may choose to bet a double bet, which is the equivalent to a big bet. Players acting behind the person with the pair may also choose to make a double bet if the first person didn’t.

Fifth Street

When betting on Fourth Street is done the dealer gives each player a fifth card open on the table. From this round big bets are used to the end of the hand. Players make their moves until the last player has acted.

Sixth Street

After Fifth Street the dealer gives each player a sixth card faced up. Betting precedes as usual and ends when the last player has acted.
Seventh Street

When Sixth Street is finished the dealer gives the players the seventh and last card face down. Betting precedes as usual and when the last player has acted the player who bet or raised last shows his or hers down cards. The other players can either show their cards if they have a better hand or fold their cards if it is worse. The best poker hand (five cards) wins the pot.